PRS S2 Singlecut


I have always been and remain a sucker for a pretty face.  While aimlessly surfing late one night, I saw this particular guitar online and fell in love.  The flamed maple grain on this example is very nice without being over-the-top.  The dark cherryburst finish is beautiful as well.


Historically, PRS has straddled the tone and feel differences between Fender and Gibson while also building its own sonic footprint.  With two tone and two volume controls, along with three-way pick up selector and coil tapping, this S2 SC is able to cover three full sets and seven decades of cover songs with ease; I know because I’ve done it wih this S2.

The pick ups themselves have moderate output and sound great through all gain settings pf my signal chains.  The PRS will do metal, classic rock or blues.  It will even give nice, full-bodied tones for jazz and other more tame genres.

The only thing I don’t like about this guitar from a tone standpoint is that the tone can get a bit muffled when dialing back on either volume control.  I tend to ride the volume knob alot, so I would probably install a treble bleed if I were to keep it.  But I’m sure there are some who would prefer the PRS to behave exactly as it does.


The slightly shorter scale length of this guitar compared to most Fender guitars, combined with good nut and fret work, give the PRS easy and precise action.  The tuners hold very well.

Condition and Accessories

This guitar is a 9 out of 10 and free of blemishes and obvious signs of use except for some plating having naturally worn off the bridge from playing. It comes with both a high-quality PRS gig bag and PRS hardshell case, which I purchased as an accessory to keep the SC pristine.



This is a fair price based on the excellent original condition of this guitar, the current street price of $1539.00 new, and the inclusion of the PRS hardshell case, which is NOT offered with the guitar when sold as new.