Gibson SG


I’ve been a Doors fan since high school.  Listening to Robbie Krieger winding through the extended solo of Light My Fire with that clean / not clean tone set me off on my life long jones for an SG of my very own.

Then there was Santana.  Not the PRS playing celebrity duet Santana of later years.  No.  This is the Santana of Woodstock and the late 60’s.  The  guitar god who played Soul Sacrifice on acid in front of half a million people.  And he performed that feat on a Gibson SG. And he KILLED it!


I’ve always loved the SG shape.  The horns look organic and purposeful, and sometimes a bit sinister.  It gives easy access to its highest frets.  The all-mahogany body is slim and light.  You can see in the ohotos above that this particular SG has a natural finish and has nice grain, which I insist on for natural finish guitars.  This is a beautiful example of a classic Gibson SG.