Fender American Standard Ash Telecaster

A Very Special Telecaster

This is my current Number 1.  Purchased new in 2012, this Tele is made of heavily-grained ash covered in a clear coat to show off the natural beauty of the wood.  The only modification done is a Mojotone treble bleed circuit to allow for retention of high end when rolling down the volume (very useful for those who take full advantage of this technique).

This Telecaster is my most frequently-gigged guitar.  It’s never let me down and holds its tune extremely well.  It sounds fantastic on its own into a clean amp or running theough distortion and overdrive pedals.

Am I Nuts?

Maybe.  Why on earth would I sell my Number 1?  I may not, which would be just fine by me.  The main reason is that I have another Tele with a slightly larger neck, which I slightly prefer.  So why not keep it as a Number 2 or backup?  I just may.  But if you are interested in a proven workhorse Telecaster…

Price and Accessories


Comes with Fender hardshell case made by SKB.